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This site is under construction.   In fact, it just started construction & I don’t know what I am doing, yet.

When I’m finished there will be a poetry section, essays, a manuscript in progress,

 and eventually a blog.  The purpose of the page is for me to have a lot of fun in my fifties...

and to delight and entertain a small selected group of others.

Please scroll down & amuse yourself. 





Jeanthejust lurking in Neolithic site on Shetland


Hello, world!

Poetry Section:  Here are links to some of my poems.

Salt    written when Peg moved in with us.  Revised a few years later after the dementia worsened.   She is gone to the nursing home now.

Moving  written when Andrew & his friends were twelve and were “moving on” from Elementary to Middle School.

Hand  written when my father died.   

Later      written when Andrew was in 8th grade.

Pantheon written for Paul Cummins’ retirement.  Paul was the Head of Crossroads School and one of its founders. 

Up         written when Andrew was graduating from high school. 

Room  written before I got sober, when I was very sad and didn’t know what was lacking.

Snakey    written about a large stuffed snake, that I believe was given to us in the early 1960s.


Valentine’s Day, 1994   Peter and I have a tradition of giving each other Valentine’s Day poems.  We don’t do it every

 year, (Peter is more conscientious about it than I am, a fact which will not surprise any of our friends.)  The poems are not

always good (Peter’s are better, which is annoying).   Back in 1994, towards the end of one of my mid-life  crises, I wrote Peter this

poem.    jeantopeter94       He read it, and immediately started to giggle!  I was annoyed.  It was a serious poem, &  I thought it was pretty good.  

Feeling miffed, I opened and read his poem to me.   petertojean94    Then I started to giggle too.   We survived that midlife

crisis (and a few more—I wasn’t quite through being a lunatic) and we are still  fairly  happily married.  March 4, 2008 will be our 36th wedding anniversary.


Terre Haute.  Here is a tribute to Terre Haute Indiana, and to the house on 25th Street.  I wrote it right after Ira died,

so he is featured.   

                        Terre Haute, © Jean M. Campbell (written 1996, edited 2005)



How to do Life.   Here is a book I’m in the process of writing.  I have the first few sections done & would love comments.

Life:  The User’s Manual

Jean M. Campbell © 2006

This section will grow, as I write it.

Volume I.   Raising children with respect.


                                                  *  Infants and Babies

                                                           1.1    Infants

                                                           1.2     Babies



                                                  *  Toddlers

                                                         1.3     Action

                                                         1.4     Talking

                                                         1.5     The “terrible twos”  Twos


                                                  *  Little Kids

                                                          1.6    Not a Baby   notababy

                                                          1.7    Reading

                                                          1.8    Tricky issues

                                                          1.9    Introducing School

                                                          1.10  Social Life